Help yourself. Heal yourself.

Learn to stay calm in chaos & find meaning beyond happiness


Help yourself. Heal yourself

“Tune into your physical intelligence and listen”

+ Natural Movement + Yoga +

Lifestyle choices, an abundance of food and technology have lead to a society caught up in its heads. Sitting stationary, more and more people feel depressed and chronically stressed leading to all sorts of diseases. When the mind is in pain, the body cries out. Separated from our natural habitat we’ve run out of sync with what it means to be human. Both Natural Movement and Yoga are built on physical intelligence and movement archetypes balancing brain-body functions beautifully.


+ Daily Meditation + Breathing +

Chaos is everywhere. Emphasis on analytical thinking drives many to overthink life and their personal situation. Seeking reasons for sometimes unreasonable events. More focus and more thinking quickly leads to anxiety and stress which has a physiological impact. A disturbed breathing pattern for example, can lead to a cascade of stress responses all over the body. Practicing equanimity and conscious breathing will relax your mind with positive effects on a cellular level.


“Master your monkey mind with stubborn practice”

“Break free as a modern day slave of comfort”

+ Beginners Mindset + Discomfort +

Some comfort is nice, but a life orchestrated around comfort makes people lazy. A comfortable pattern where you repeat what you already know won’t open up new opportunities. Always sticking to comfort means never knowing what you’re truly capable of. Growth often comes from failure and pain. Learn to embrace it. Because life isn’t always happy happy joy joy, challenging yourself mentally and physically will make you resilient. Staying steady and strong, no matter what life throws at you.


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